Product Advantages


Low cost of aquisition compared to other card punching equipment.

Ease of Use

Remarkably easy to use semi automatic feeding.

Added Value

Thanks to its round edge cutting, the PunchCard Pro produces a simple and elegant products with high added value. You can easily offer small runs of high-end cards with rounded corners to all your customers.


The PunchCard Pro is an ultra-compact unit, able to fit inside of 0.6 m² working space.



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Format Width :
Minimum : 300 mm - Maximum : 330 mm

Length :
Minimum : 190 mm
Card Thickness PVC, Polyester, Plastic & Paper :From 300 up to 850 microns
Die Cutting Format ISO Format:
85,5 x 54 mm, or
3.36” x 2.12”
Collection Stacker for Output 3 chimney stacker's with a capacity of 300 cards each (760µ). (Total Capacity 900)
Lifetime ± 20 million PVC ISO CR-80 cards @ 850 µ (or 7 million synthetic paper cards) before cutting tool needs to be resharpened.
Speed Up to 6,000 CR-80 Cards/Hour
Power Supply 110 V/60Hz - 220 V/50 Htz
Electrical consumption: 1.8 kW
Weight ± 225 Kg or 485 lbs
Dimensions L x W x H:
720 mm x 790 mm x 1300 mm

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