Product Advantages


The PressCard Pro has the smallest footprint among industrial hot platen lamination units, roughly the size of a standard refrigerator, which can fit easily into your existing workflow.


The PressCard Pro can process up to 2,000 cards (credit card format) per hour in 250-300 microns.

Ease of Use

The PressCard Pro is very user-friendly.




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Process Standard lamination is done with one or two PVC sheets and an overlay protective film. Single stack and heat, auto water cooled process.
Speed Up to 2,400 cards per hour at 250-300 µ
Up to 2,000+ cards per hour at 760 µ (ISO CR-80 cards)
Format Up to 330 x 482 mm, or 13” x 19”
Consumable Film Clear PVC or P.E.T Overlay, Polishgard spacer for split core.
Inox lamination plate and pads.
Loading 3 drawers of 10 stainless steel plates each, for a total of 30 sandwiches of 760 µ up to 860 µ (32 mils)
ISO CR-80 Templates Cards on a 21-up layout for standard ISO Cards on a 13" x 19" sheet (330 x 482 mm)
Maximum Pressure Max. hydraulic pressure of 120 bars or 1740 PSI
Water cooling (water in / water out)
Weight Approximately 1200 Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H):
950 x 800 x 1610 mm
Electrical Requirements 3 phases of 400 Volts - 32 Amps
Electrical power: 20 kW

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