Imprinta -Automatic 3D Embossing Machine




Product Advantages

Printools introduces a top quality sheet-fed / sheet plate rotary embossing machine, capable of microembossing, microtexture, 3D pattern, reection pattern, ice pattern, laser pattern, holographic texture printing etc. Our experience and expertise in this eld are a guarantee of success

-You can emboss Paper, Board, PVC, PP, PET, OPP with customized emboss textures and micro textures.

-Machine uses steel plates which are lightweight, much cheaper and easier to handle than a classic, solid, heavy brass emboss cylinder.

-Customized textures and innumerable micro texture designs provided by

Some of the possible applications are: packaging, cosmetics, food and beverage, fashion, pharmaceutical, shopping bags and many others...

The emboss textures can be used on the widest range of material such as laminated, varnished, plastics, metallic paper and boards. The glossier and more reective your material, the more impressive the visual impact..

The overall investment allows you to quickly enter into this fascinating world with a technique (and a product) that nobody can currently do. This will be your competitive edge.



Embossing area 1000mm x 680mm 1000mm x 680mm
Max. sheet size 1020mm x 720mm 1020mm x 720mm
Min. sheet size 450mm x 360mm 450mm x 360mm
Plate front to image 45mm
Front margin 10mm
Paper thickness 0.1 ~ 0.8mm 0.1 ~ 0.8mm
Machine dimensions 5700x2300x1670mm 5700x2300x1670mm
Machine weight 4500KG 7000KG
Max. output 3500 sheets/hour
Feeder pile height 1100mm
Delivery pile height 600mm 1100mm
Electricity required 15KW 17KW